Howto Deep-Scrub on All Ceph Placement Groups

Ceph automatically takes care of deep-scrubbing all placement groups periodically. The exact timing of that is tunable but you're probably here because you want to force deep-scrubs.

The basic command for deep-scrubbing is:

ceph pg deep-scrub <pg-id>

and you can find the placement group ID using:
ceph pg dump

And if you want to instruct all placement groups to deep-scrub, use the same script from repairing inconsistent PGs. Basically loop over all the active PGs, instructing each to deep-scrub:

ceph pg dump | grep -i active | cut -f 1 | while read i; do ceph pg deep-scrub ${i}; done

The repair article explains how this line of script works.

You can be more specific about which PGs are deep-scrubbed by altering the

part of the script. For example, to only scrub active+clean PGs:
ceph pg dump | grep -i active+clean | cut -f 1 | while read i; do ceph pg deep-scrub ${i}; done

Some general caveats are in order. Repair your PGs before attempting to deep-scrub; it's safer to only scrub PGs that are active and clean. You can use

ceph pg dump_stuck
ceph health detail
to help find out what's going on. Here's a link to Ceph placement group statuses.

Good luck!

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