While Loop Macro for Twine

One of the often requested features for Twine are proper loops. It has been possible to simulate loops with a recursion hack but that was ugly. Before we continue go and see the possibilities.

Yes. Those are nested while loops. Here's the code that makes it all happen:
<<set $j = 1>><<while $j lte 10>>
<<print $j>> countdown: <<set $i = 5>><<while $i gt 0>>
<<print $i>>... <<set $i = $i - 1>>
<<endwhile>> BOOM! 
<<set $j = $j + 1>>

You've probably worked out the basic syntax (clever bunny) which is:
<<while $condition eq true>>
Do some stuff. 
NB: update the $condition or the loop will run to infinity.

How do you use this in your own projects? Add the following line to your StoryIncludes:


You can also download the demo project and .twee file as a .zip archive.


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