Arduino LCD: Mugwump

This is an old game I never recall playing but it was one of the inspirations for Hunt the Wumpus and it has some elements of a game I was thinking of writing. There are four mugwumps hiding at random locations in a 10x10 grid. The user supplied an x & y coordinate to scan and is told if they have located a mugwump. The user is also told the distance to any mugwumps not yet found. The game ends after all mugwumps are found or then turns.

Code: http://eturnerx.com/files/arduino/011_mugwump_eturnerx_arduino_lcd.html

Mine differs from the original in a few minor respects; distances are rounded to the nearest integer in order to fit the display. Distances over 9 are simply not given. These small changes only make the game slightly tougher and most games can be completed in seven turns.

This looked like an easy game to convert; and it certainly is much less complex than many others. The kicker is that much of the supporting historical information is not in place and the game is kinda tough. I spent more time writing a wikipedia article and creating an HTML5 based game cheater *cough* helper than doing the Arduino code.

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