Arduino LCD: Highnoon Conversion

This week is a conversion (strictly a re-imagining) of a game from 1970 called High Noon. Try to kill Bart in a shoot out! Your have a range of options that can be accessed using the left, right and select buttons on the Freetronics 16x2 LCD shield. After your turn Bart has his turn. The video shows only a few of the things that happen in the game.

Code: http://eturnerx.com/files/arduino/004_high_noon_eturnerx_arduino_lcd.html

The AI is probably tougher than the original. The text prompts were shortened to fit the screen and a few new things added for flavour though the essential game is the same. A few edge cases (running away) were changed and the being shot in the back was also changed. Any action the fails, standing still or walking/running 0 paces results in a penalty making you easier to hit.

The implementation uses a state machine in the main loop in the same way that the Hunt the Wumpus conversion did. In addtion, the static string data grew too big for the working memory on the Arduino so I needed to use the PROGMEM trick and create a string table.

If you are interested in a more faithful, online playable version then check out my HTML conversion of Highnoon.

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