Display text at end of passage macro for Twine

I was helping Harry Giles out with some modifications to his IFCOMP2014 entry Raik. It became useful to set text early in the passage that would be shown only at the end of the passage.

An easy way to achieve this in Twine with custom macros. They are <<atend>> ... <<atendd>>.


This text appears at the end of the current passage.<<atendd>>And this text appears in the usual place.

How do you use this in your own projects? Add the following line to your StoryIncludes:


Why might you want this macro? Here are some examples. You be inside an <<if>> macro from which you want to set a choice to appear at the end of the passage. You might be using the excellent ReplaceMacros from Glorious Tranwrecks and want to have text that always appear at the end of the passage no matter what the state of the rest of the passage.
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