Strategery Starting Moves (Border, Attrition mode)

My favourite (by installed time and playtime) iOS game has to be Strategery. I have already written a general review and tips guide. This time I did a video that covers getting started in the Attrition casualties, Border reinforcement mode.

This mode makes for the fastest games and are therefore perfect for casual play. By the 4 or 5 turn you know whether or not you are winning the game. In this mode ten spots almost don't matter like they do in Winner Takes all / Random mode. Choke points are where you can have a single region that borders multiple enemy regions. The basic tip is to establish a strong border around a hinterland and then to creep that border forward. Try to increase the hinterland without increasing the border.

See my other article: Strategery review, hints, tips, guide for more general info about the game and tips on how to play other modes.

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